Sourdough Starter Jar Kit With Thermometer, Scrapper, Cloth Cover, Cleaner

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Complete Sourdough Jar Kit:
Our sourdough set includes 1x Glass Jar, 1x Elastic band with feeding date marked as days of the week & the time of day,1x thermometer,1x silicone spatula,1x sewn cloth cover ,1x Metal Lid & 1x Jar cleaner Brush

Make Baking Simple With Sourdough kit:
This Sourdough Kit has everything you need for baking and sourdoughing. It makes the baking fun and easier with wide mouth fermentation tank adding flour and water, stirring the contents and cleaning easily.

Healthy Baking At Home:
While prioritising health ,create long lasting memories & family bondings by baking at home. Our bread making kit helps you engage and teach your kids the value of baking a healthy meal at home from ingredients that you know from where they are coming from!

Multipurpose Large Glass Jar :
Our dough starter food safe container fermented tanks may be used as storage jar as well as baking jar for ingredients such as sourdough, cookies, rice, cereals, coffee, nuts, gives an elegant look to your kitchen. Its transapernt look will impress your baking lover friends with the professionalism and cleanliness!

Impressive Look:
Our sour dough starter jar is made of strong food-grade glass with sturdy airtight lid to keep food fresh, safe, and guarantees a safe & proper fermentation process. Its stylish look and presence on your table or parties will bring attract attention of your friends, family.

Easy to Clean:
The wide mouth jar makes cleaning or removal of food easier. Use our cleaning brush and hand wash it for a healthy baking!

Perfect Gift For the Bread Baker:
Our complete premium sourdough bread making kit contains all the tools you need to bake delicious oven-fresh bread. Fill your home with love and warmth with a wholesome meal for family and friends

What's in the box
1x Glass Jar (17.8cm x 8.6cm)
1x Elastic band (8.9cm)
1x thermometer
1x silicone spatula (24cm)
1x sewn cloth cover (8.9cm)
1x Metal Jar Lid
1x Jar cleaning Brush (21cm)


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