Cart In Mart Macrame Kit 226 Pcs DIY Macrame Craft Kit With 205m Cord
Cart In Mart Macrame Kit 226 Pcs DIY Macrame Craft Kit With 205m Cord
Cart In Mart Macrame Kit 226 Pcs DIY Macrame Craft Kit With 205m Cord
Cart In Mart Macrame Kit 226 Pcs DIY Macrame Craft Kit With 205m Cord
Cart In Mart Macrame Kit 226 Pcs DIY Macrame Craft Kit With 205m Cord

226 Pcs DIY Macrame Craft Kit With 205m Cord

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Natural Cotton Macrame Cord, 200 Beads, Rings for Plant Hangers, Wall Hanging Decor, Key Chains

Creative Designs and Variations
Cart in Mart 226 pcs macrame kit comes with abundant accessories 200 Wooden Beads and more to make macrame decorations such as macrame holders, dreamcatchers, macrame keychain, vase hangers, wall hangings, tapestries, etc. It’s very suitable for home decoration or party decoration.
No matter what project you have in mind, our kit has you covered! This set has all the tools you’ll ever need for DIY macrame making for any age and skill level.

Appealing Combination :
A thoughtful selection of all the materials, tools, and accessories needed for creating DIY macrame art! Whether you’re an expert or just beginning, you can enjoy the fun and rewarding hobby of creating macrame. Not only will you have the materials to create anything you desire, The instructional manual inside the box teaches you how to do basic knots and make different patterns from your kit. Basic square knot and introduction to many kinds of knots. Your creativity is limitless!

Natural Macrame Cord
The cord is made of natural cotton, odor-free and free of chemical dyes, non-toxic, no dyeing, no bleaching, no chemical addition reaction. It is creamy white color under natural light. And the 205m long length is enough for general using.

Wide Application
Perfect for wall hangings, plant hangers, tapestries, DIY bohemian lace rope crafts, especially suitable for home decoration and party decoration.

Help Relieve Your Stress
Making handcrafts requires concentration and patience, helping relieve your stress, calm your mind and soul. Tying a knot with macrame helps you strengthen your hands and your arms. The finished art work will give you a sense of achievement as well.

Novelty Gift
This is a unique gift to give on birthdays, anniversaries, holidays, housewarming, back-to-school, college or any other occasions. Allowing for various handcraft projects, making for a ideal gift especially for DIY macrame decoration beginners and enthusiasts.

If you enjoyed creating our macrame plant hanger, we can say with confidence that you’ll derive sublime satisfaction as you’re building our wall hanging. The beaded design of the planter and this dowel-based design each require a slightly different approach to achieve the final product, and once you see for yourself how nice this macrame wall art complements your space, you’ll likely want to keep the motif going.

In these times of isolation, DIY art kits for adults can help to fill the void, and the Zen feeling of oneness you get as you use your hands to create such a simple yet elegant form are a soothing balm. Click Buy Now, and macrame your way!

What’s in the box
205m Natural Cotton Rope 3mm
4 Wooden Sticks 150mm
50 Pcs Small Colored Wooden Beads
50 Pcs Big Colored Wooden Beads
50 Pcs Small Natural Wooden Beads
50 Pcs Big Natural Wooden Beads
2 Pcs Wooden Rings 68mm
5 Pcs Wooden Rings 50mm
5 Pcs Wooden Rings 32mm
5 Pcs Wooden Rings 25mm
1 Keychain
2 Pcs S Shaped Hooks
Measuring Tape