216 Piece Elite Sewing Machine Kit Accessories & Supplies With Needles

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It is a new well thought designed bundle of Sewing Kit for beginners as well as professionals, which includes premium quality 216 Pcs necessary Sewing tools as well as contains 100 Sewing Machine Needles of 5 different sizes, and comes in a plastic box for safe keeping!

100 Sewing machine needles (5 different sizes)
Sewing machine needles are made of quality steel, are durable and sharp, smooth when sewing, and suitable for most home sewing machines. Sewing machine needles come in various sizes: size 9 (for thin fabrics), size 11 (for medium-thin fabrics), size 14 (for ordinary fabrics), size 16 (for a little thicker fabrics) and size 18 (for thick fabrics, jeans). These needles are compatible with Singers, Empisal, Fenici, Brothers, Janome, Varmax, and most household sewing machines.

20 Assorted colours Prewound Bobbins With Threads
The sewing bobbins are made of premium quality plastic with pre-wound multi color threads to meet all sewing needs. They are durable and can be reused many times with a security notch for consistent bobbin thread winding.

15 Metal Snap Buttons
3 different types of metal snap buttons are included ( 5x 10mm black, 5x 8mm black, 5x10mm silver) to meet your additional sewing needs!
20 Sewing Hooks and eyes
A mixture of sewing hooks and eyes are included 10x black and 10x silver to fit different size sewign needs.
10 Buttons
11mm 10 buttons (5 black, 5 white) are included in the Kit for sewing needs

Measuring Tape
0 to 60 inches and 0 to 150 centimeters. Both sides can be measured according to your requirements (inches or Centimeters). Tape may be used for accurate measurement of cloth; as body tape measure, sewing tape measure, or as tailor measuring tape

Seam Ripper
Small-size seam ripper works well with more delicate fabrics and threads. The seam ripper comes with a clear cover to protect your hands. The seam ripper is made of a high-grade metal blade and plastic handle which allow the thread removing job done quickly and easily. A seam ripper is a must-have for pulling out mistaken stitches in sewing and crafting projects, removing unwanted embroidery, zig-zags, or overlock stitches. A stitch ripper is a handy tool to turn out tiny corners, cut open buttonholes, poke neat holes in the fabric, remove clothes tags, etc.

4 Triangle Tailor's Fabric Marker Chalks (Blue,red, yellow & White)
Multi-color chalks effectively meet your variable needs. A solid block of chalk with a triangular shape makes it easy to hold and make markings. Great for sewing, quilting, or crafting projects, these chalks can be used to mark alterations and draw lines directly on a variety of fabrics. Test the chalk on a piece of fabric before marking it on the fabric. Triangle shape marks crisp sewing lines on fabric that are easy to see and can be removed by brushing/ dipping in water

2 Needle Threader
Durable Household Sewing Tools Designed for Mending Clothes. A useful tool which makes it easier for threading. It fits both hands and machine needles. Easy to hold and ease eye strain caused by threading small sewing needles

Yarn nippers
It is easy to grab,small enough to maneuver through the throat of sewing machine to cut threads behind the needle. Very useful and practical tool for variety of material - fishing line, fabric, thread, small plants, hair, etc.

Embroidery scissor cutters
It is made from good quality high carbon tool steel, durable, sharp and easy to cut. The sharp blades provide a nice, clean cut and will make each snip easier. They feel smooth when cutting

Safety Pins
28mm and 37mm sizes make your creative work easier by using safety pins. Getting inspired to make hand-made jewels, crafts, and customized clothing items. The Safety pins can be applied on clothes, quilting, blankets and crafts or dangle charms to make personalized brooch pins or use the pins to hold a flyaway sweater, a scarf.

Fabric Clips
This Sewing supply includes 10Pcs of colorful sewing clips, come with a storage case. Assorted colors packed randomly. These sewing clips are perfect for all sorts of sewing cloth art, fabric work. Assorted colored helping mark the fabric and locking stitch. Clip opens wide to 10 mm, hold layers of fabric and the clip base is flat for easy feeding to the presser foot. You can now sew safely with these must have clips. Make it easy to hold multiple layers of fabrics, binding objects like Quilts, and holding together multiple objects. No Pins needed for Sewing.

4x Color Tailoring Chalk
The Red Pen with refill contains special ink, which can be erased at a temperature below 60 degrees. When you touch the iron quickly, you will see the mark disappear without any residue, and your fabric will not be messed up. This heat erasable fabric marking pen is easy to slide and can be used well on most clothes. Suitable for clothing marking, handicrafts, shoe prints, embroidery, cross stitch, etc.

25 pieces Hand Sewing Needles (6 sizes)
Hand needles come in assorted sizes-- 1pcs 44mm (super large eye needle), 2pcs 51mm (large eye needle), 3pcs 46mm (large eye needle), 8pcs 42mm, 8pcs 37mm,8pcs 31mm. The Needles are made of high-quality 304 stainless steel, which is durable and rust-free. The tip is very small, and the tail has a grooved design making it less resistant through the cloth .All needle sizes are kept organized, safe and secure in round "dial-a-needle" storage compact. This convenient assortment makes it easy to keep a variety of needles on hand. You can choose different needle types to sew clothes according to your needs.
Sewing needles are perfect for all kinds of Hand sewing, Carpets, Crafts, Upholstery, Coats, Tents, Canvas, Mattresses, Mending, Embroidery, Furs, Leather Etc.

Needle Elastic Threader Self-Locking Sewing Tweezer
Stainless Steel Handy sewing accessory acts like a tweezer to draw elastic ribbons easily and quickly, cording, drawstring, etc., through a loop or hem. They do Smooth threading for ribbon and elastic tape. The tweezer has special teeth that grips securely and are held tight with a sliding ring. Slide the ring back toward its teeth to lock it. Slide its ring down toward its base to open it. Insert an open Tweezer into the waistband, grab the elastic, and slide the ring down. Pull the elastic out. It is simple to use and functional, a great accessory in many sewing craft projects

Plastic Storage Box
Kit comes with aplastic storage box for safe keeping all accessories for long term use.
Great Gift Idea
It is a great gift for daughters, mothers sisters, sons, friends who are starter or professional in sewing or simply if they love sewing and want all in one kit for sewing machine accessories.

  • What's in the box
    20 x Sewing Machine Needles (size 9)
    20 x Sewing Machine Needles (size 11)
    20 x Sewing Machine Needles (size 14)
    20 x Sewing Machine Needles (size 16)
    20 x Sewing Machine Needles (size 18)
    25 x Assorted Prewound Bobbins With Threads
    1 x Measuring Tape
    1 x Seam Ripper
    1 x Blue Fabric Chalk
    1 x White Fabric Chalk
    1x Yellow Fabric Chalk
    1x Red Fabric Chalk
    5x Metal Snap Buttons (10mm Black)
    5x Metal Snap Buttons (10mm Silver)
    5x Metal Snap Buttons (8mm Black)
    5x white Buttons (11mm)
    5x Black Buttons (11mm)
    2 x Needle Threaders
    1 x Yarn Nipper
    5 x Colourful Fabric Clips
    10 x Black Sewing Hooks & Eye Closure (7mm)
    10 x Silver Sewing Hooks & Eye Closure (7mm)
    25 x Assorted Sewing Needles
    1 x Sewing Tweezer
    5 x Safety Pins 28mm
    1x Plastic Storage Box

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