Cart In Mart Prank Kit 20 Piece Prank Joke Kit
Cart In Mart Prank Kit 20 Piece Prank Joke Kit
Cart In Mart Prank Kit 20 Piece Prank Joke Kit
Cart In Mart Prank Kit 20 Piece Prank Joke Kit
Cart In Mart Prank Kit 20 Piece Prank Joke Kit

20 Piece Prank Joke Kit With Whopee Cushion

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Funny Party Favours Toys, Night gatherings activity toys, Bug In Ice, Car Scratch

Cart In Mart offers a unique 20 Piece party favour pack kit to engage families and friends (3 Years+) in activity toys.

Guaranteed laughs! Great gift & fun for grandchildren, kids, boys, girls and adults for any social gathering like parties, holidays, outings, birthdays, Christmas, camping new year holidays and more.

Spider Surprise Box:
Make your frinds surprised with spider in box, just be asking them to open the box and spider will be coming out for a laugh!

Fake Dog Poop/ Dirt
Two Dog Poops are included in Pack. One is stretchable and other is like real dog Poop. Place this fake poop anywhere to get a funny reaction from friends. They may be pranked with an embarrassed feeling and laughter!

Car Scratch :
Stick this sticker on a friend's car and they will think their car has been keyed!

Whoopee Cushion:
Just fill the air and keep this cushion on a chair or table to look like a normal cushion. As soon as a guest sits on it, it will make a fart sound and all will have aloud laugh

Cockroaches & Spider:
We know many of us are afraid of cockroaches and spiders. So fake spiders and cockroaches may prank your friends and families while leaving a smile in the end

Bug In Ice :
Place this in a drink to get a disgusting scare for guests!

Shock Pen:
Next time someone asks to borrow a pen, pass them this one for a shocking surprise!

Pop Up Poop Pen:
Make friends laugh with this pop up poop pen

Halloween Pen:
This clutch pen pop ups halloween boxers to surprise frinds!

Lizard & Snakes:
A real looking lizard and two snakes are included to do a prank with scared friends!

Cricket/Lizard Sounds:
You can use it to do prank with friends and making them laugh later! Differnt sounds may be loaded in this device

Dance Music Button:
Load music of your choice to play and dance with your friends!

Fake Dollar Currency Notes:
2x Fake dollars are included to do prank with friends for laughs!

Bending Felxible Pencil:
Flexible pencil may also be used for writing and doing prank with friends with its bend in shape!

Disclaimer: These have chocking hazards, Not for children under 8 Years
Please use this funny jokes kit at your own risk and responsibly while respecting others!


What's in the box
  • 1 x Spider Surprise Box
  • 2 x Fake Snakes
  • 1 x Fake Dog Poop
  • 1 x Whoppee Fart Cushion
  • 1 x Stretchable Poop
  • 3 x Fake Cockroaches
  • 1 x Bug In Ice
  • 2 x Fake Currency Notes
  • 1 x Cricket/ Lizard Sound device
  • 1 x Music Dance device
  • 1 x Lizard
  • 1 x Pop Up Poop Pen
  • 1 x Halloween boxing Pen
  • 1 x Shock Pen
  • 1 x Car Scratch Sticker
  • 1 x Bending Flexible Pencil

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