12 Piece Battle Bey Top Gyro Toy Set With 10 Beys& 2 Launchers

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These are not origional Beybalde or Takra tomy beblades toys! These are 3rd party gyro top toys!

See the instructions in the images carefully for the correct installation. If you do not connect the left and right spinners correctly it will not work. Accessories connect differently for left and right spinners

See pointers on each gyro to identify left and right gyros (clockwise for left spinners and anti-clockwise for right spinners)
See R on launchers for Right (R) spinning gyros and L on launchers for Left (L) spinning gyros. So install the launchers correctly with R and L signs on top.
Do not twist the beys into launchers more than 30 degrees to avoid the damage
Please note that these are 3rd party manufacturer Products

Burst and Surge Turbo beyblade toys Pack Complete bundle comes with 10x Bey Battling spinning Top Beys Gyros 2x dynamite Left Right Two-Way string pull wire launchers (Rippers). It includes non-branded Beyblades burst turbo toys types

Battle Bey Components:
These Beys have three different components described Chip that is attached to Energy Layer, the Metal disc, and the Driver. The energy layer is the one that will get in contact with your opponent when the two Beyblades collide. The Spinning Top Toy Tops are Made from High-Quality Plastic and Alloy but you May Notice a Little Wear and Tear after Heavy Usage. Launching Spinning Tops from High Angles onto Hard Surfaces can be Damaging to the Blade Base Tip

Assembling Bey:

  • First connect the chip to the energy layer (Only Infinite Achilles has blue Armer, Fit the energy layer into the Armer)
  • Attach the Metal Disc to the Energy layer\
  • Turn the metal disc clockwise for Left Spin Beyblades and Anti clockwise for Right Spin Beyblades
  • Press the Driver into the metal disc and turn it Anticlockwise for Left Spin Beyblades and Clockwise for Right Spin Beyblades While holding the Metal disc and Driver.

Highly Engaging and Teamwork Activity Toy:
Our gyros set helps in improving children's concentration because of its unique engaging capability. It helps kids learn collaboration with friends as well as sportsmanship with the thrilling idea of Let It Rip.

Unlimited Fun and Focus:
Our Speedstorm Bey Spinning Top set creates a head-to-head high-speed contest unleashing the Power of Vortex and ultimate full-throttle attack. Bey spinning top toys set helps kids as well as adults to gain focus and enjoy the fun game for hours.

Durability and Balance:
Our Bey spinning toys gyros for girls and boys are made of high-quality metal and plastic. They are very powerful, have amazing stamina, and have a cool look. Bey toys display strong stamina by spinning for a long time to gain attack or defense. Only buy with Cart In Mart Tag for toys of good quality.

Great Gift Idea For Birthdays and Occasions:
beyblade toys sets are the best gift for girls and boys (Ages: 6+) for Birthdays Gift, holidays, School Parties, Christmas, New Year, Friendship Day, Easter, play dates, etc.

What's in the box
  • 10 x Beys Toys
  • 2 x Dynamite Launchers

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