12 Pack Disco Ball Balloons 4 Size 4D Sphere Foil Party Decoration Supply

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Perfect Disco Party Decoration:
In our disco ball baloon set you will get 12x disco theme party balloons. Including: 3 pcs 55cm/22inch, 3pcs 25cm/8 inch, 3pcs 46cm/15inch, 3pcs 38cm/10inch. Bulk quantity and sizes to meet all your party decoration needs.

Wide Application:
hese disco ball balloons suitable for disco party, disco bachelorette party decorations, birthday party, 70s 80s 90s 2000s theme party, silver party, dancing queen party, music party, New Years eve party, graduation, anniversary, etc.

Helium Supported Metalic Foil Baloons!
Use helium supported metallic disco ball balloon decorations with pack of 12 that will be the life of Retro disco ball party decorations. If one foil balloons can create effect then we have got you 12 of these big multicolor disco ball balloons kit. This deal does not end here, these beautiful large silver foil balloon kit are also reusable.

High Quality Materials:
Cadeya disco ball balloons are made of aluminum foil, safe, environmentally friendly and reusable, that is safe for both adults and kids! The 4D foil balloon looks shining and exquisite to brighten the atmosphere of your celebration

Easy To Inflat/Deflate:
Have no worries while using these big , medium , small silver disco ball balloons for disco ball decor and pink and orange party decorations, disco themed party decorations, silver bachelorette party decorations. Just use the provided straw and ribbons to inflate and close the openings as well as decor


Baloon type: Disco Party Baloons

Count: 12 Peices

Sizes: 3 pcs 55cm/22inch, 3pcs 25cm/8 inch, 3pcs 46cm/15inch, 3pcs 38cm/10inch

Color: Silver

Material: Foil

What's in the box
3 x disco Party Baloons (55cm/22inch)
3 x disco Party Baloons (25cm/8 inch)
3 x disco Party Baloons (46cm/15inch)
3 x disco Party Baloons (38cm/10inch)
1 x Ribbon (10m)
1 x Straw


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